Pedal,,$169,GYYlucky,for,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Seated,and,Pedals,Leg,Exercise,Exerciser,-,Ar,/privacy-policy $169 GYYlucky Pedal Exerciser - Exercise Pedals for Seated Leg and Ar Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Pedal,,$169,GYYlucky,for,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Seated,and,Pedals,Leg,Exercise,Exerciser,-,Ar,/privacy-policy GYYlucky Pedal Exerciser - Exercise Pedals Seated Ar Clearance SALE! Limited time! and for Leg $169 GYYlucky Pedal Exerciser - Exercise Pedals for Seated Leg and Ar Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness GYYlucky Pedal Exerciser - Exercise Pedals Seated Ar Clearance SALE! Limited time! and for Leg

Tucson Mall GYYlucky Pedal Exerciser - Exercise Pedals Seated Ar Clearance SALE Limited time and for Leg

GYYlucky Pedal Exerciser - Exercise Pedals for Seated Leg and Ar


GYYlucky Pedal Exerciser - Exercise Pedals for Seated Leg and Ar

Product description

Portable Exercise Bike for Arm/Leg Exercise with LCD Screen
exercise pedals offer leg/arms exercise for the office workers,elderly and rehabilitation, it is easy to assemble, and come with adjustable pedal straps to secure your feet.

✔ CONVENIENT:Easy to assemble, easy to carry to anywhere.
✔USED ANYWHERE:Can be easily and stably used in an office / home or under any table to exercise arms and legs.
✔ DIGITAL DISPLAY:Easy to read count, time, distance, calories burned and RPM.
✔ SAFE amp; STABLE:Non-slip grips and feet to prevent sliding and ensure safety.

1x Pedal Exerciser.
1 x Manual.
1 x Strap.
Material: Top quality materials steel and plastic

GYYlucky Pedal Exerciser - Exercise Pedals for Seated Leg and Ar

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