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famous depot FRJKF Military Camo Netting Camouflage Woodland Oxford Polyester

FRJKF Military Camo Netting Oxford Polyester Woodland Camouflage


FRJKF Military Camo Netting Oxford Polyester Woodland Camouflage

Product description


We was founded in 2012 which focus on outdoor, hunting, army, camouflage, sporting goods,and other industries,Our main products are camouflage netting,ghillie suit,rain poncho,camo scarf,camo accessries,tarp,etc.
We provide you with woodland camouflage net, the net thicker, stronger rope course, you can withstand wind and sunshine.Camouflage net to make us feel at home, and has allowed us to go into hiding and into nature.
This is a camouflage net, it can bring a touch of shadow and relaxed appearance, very suitable with an outdoor terrace, activities, camping, fairs or home bar or restaurant use.Firmly connected with enhanced edges and a structure, excellent shading decorative alternatives.

Designed for hunting forest woodland jungle camouflage desert activities designed to hide
Multi-function design, suitable for camping, hiking, gardens, military and outdoor use
Lightweight design, compact size to meet your needs carry external
Ideal for bird watching, shooting and car covered

quantity: 1
Material: Oxford cloth (wear-resistant, durable)
Size: length x width (customizable)

➤ About Size: manual measurement, there will be 1-3 cm error, please refer to the product of the actual size of the received
➤ color: all products are taken in kind, but due to shooting techniques, lighting, display there will be a slight color difference between the parameters and other factors, the actual colors and photographs received.The real product is subject to receipt, please understand.
➤ After receipt of the goods, check the goods.If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by e-mail.I am very pleased to serve you, and wish you a happy shopping.
➤ If your product is not received within 30 days, you can send us a message, we will respond to you within 24 hours.
(Thank you for taking the time to understand my product. If you have any needs, please contact me,

FRJKF Military Camo Netting Oxford Polyester Woodland Camouflage

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