/report/ar2/wg2/,crystal,acrylic,oboe,professional,level,ROFFEE,$2340,trans,Musical Instruments , Band Orchestra,ph-elim.net,performance $2340 ROFFEE oboe professional performance level acrylic crystal trans Musical Instruments Band Orchestra ROFFEE oboe professional performance crystal trans Great interest level acrylic $2340 ROFFEE oboe professional performance level acrylic crystal trans Musical Instruments Band Orchestra ROFFEE oboe professional performance crystal trans Great interest level acrylic /report/ar2/wg2/,crystal,acrylic,oboe,professional,level,ROFFEE,$2340,trans,Musical Instruments , Band Orchestra,ph-elim.net,performance

Virginia Beach Mall ROFFEE oboe professional performance crystal trans Great interest level acrylic

ROFFEE oboe professional performance level acrylic crystal trans


ROFFEE oboe professional performance level acrylic crystal trans

Product description

Product Name:ROFFEE oboe professional performance level acrylic crystal transparent body semi automatic silver plated
Body Material:Crystal
Surface:Silver Plated
Tone:C tone
Level:Professional Performance Level
Length:about 68cm
Net Weight:about 0.7kg
Package:Canvas case,leather case,wooden case
Master Carton:Standard export carton
Logoamp;mark:Free logo and mark
Spare part:Case,Reed,Glove,Polishing cloth,Vaseline and so on.
Each musical instrument of ROFFEE all is exquisite musical instruments,because the goods may be affected by logistics turbulence during the delivery,so when you receive the goods,please ask professionals to debug slightly in order to prevent intonation problems.
Thanks for buying ROFFEE products.

ROFFEE oboe professional performance level acrylic crystal trans

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Extra Storage Flannel ProductSheer Voile Curtain 52Wx63L Inch Gray and White Gradient Plain S100% professional Clean level Polyester Easy A 28円 oboe Stripe Can crystal ROFFEE Towel to Be Big performance Used description Size:37"x74" acrylic Product Size trans