70-95cm Height Adjustable safety Computer Desk Home Laptop Work Office $51 70-95cm Height Adjustable Computer Desk, Home Office Laptop Work Home Kitchen Furniture $51 70-95cm Height Adjustable Computer Desk, Home Office Laptop Work Home Kitchen Furniture 70-95cm Height Adjustable safety Computer Desk Home Laptop Work Office Work,ph-elim.net,/terms-and-conditions,Laptop,Home,Adjustable,$51,Height,Office,Computer,70-95cm,Desk,,Home Kitchen , Furniture Work,ph-elim.net,/terms-and-conditions,Laptop,Home,Adjustable,$51,Height,Office,Computer,70-95cm,Desk,,Home Kitchen , Furniture

70-95cm Height Adjustable safety Computer Desk Home Laptop discount Work Office

70-95cm Height Adjustable Computer Desk, Home Office Laptop Work


70-95cm Height Adjustable Computer Desk, Home Office Laptop Work

Product description

Thin base, only 1.5 cm thick.
Humanized card slot design.
Double support reinforced round rod.
Double countertops can be joined together.
Curved reinforcement.

Product Parameters:
Material: density plate, carbon steel bracket
Gross weight: 10kg/22.05lb
Net weight: 8.5kg/18.74lb
Size: 70*40/27.56*15.75in
Height: 70-95cm/27.56-37.40in(adjustable)

Package Included:
1 x Computer desk

70-95cm Height Adjustable Computer Desk, Home Office Laptop Work

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